Contact Lenses

Our Contact Lens Service

Contact lenses can be worn by children of all ages. Contacts may be indicated for a medical condition or may be elective, as an option to glasses. Whatever the case, our staff is accustomed to working with children and therefore understands that kids take extra time and patience! When worn and cared for properly, contacts are a safe option for vision correction that can boost a child’s confidence, social interaction and improve their overall self esteem. Most adult contact lens wearers would tell you that they will never forget the first day they got contacts.

The Contact Lens Fitting

The evaluation and measurements necessary for contact lens wear are not done during a routine eye exam. Therefore, it is necessary to have a separate appointment with our contact lens specialist if contacts are something your child would like to try. This appointment is called a Contact Lens Fitting. During the fitting, the specific needs of the child will be discussed and after all necessary measurements are taken, diagnostic lenses will be placed on the child to ensure the best fit. In most cases, the diagnostic lenses can be worn home the day of the fitting. The child and/or the parent will be shown how to put the lenses in and out; adequate time is allowed for practice to ensure success and confidence! The child will be provided all of the essentials to get started with lens wear immediately. Please allow 1 to 1 1/2 hours for the initial visit as we like to allow plenty of time so that the patient is comfortable throughout the whole process. A follow up visit is necessary after the initial visit to verify the fit and final prescription. This is normally done within the first few weeks of the fitting. There is a fee for the fitting appointment which varies depending on the difficultly of the prescription and time required for the appointment. We are not contracted with any insurance plans and therefore all fees for the fitting are due at the time of service.

Contact Lens Options

We offer contacts for all kinds of prescriptions from basic to very complex, including high astigmatism. Most contact lenses today are disposable, meaning they are to be replaced on a regular basis. We offer lenses that are to be replaced daily, every 2 weeks, monthly and quarterly. It is important that contacts are worn and replaced as directed by your eye care professional. Our contact lens specialist will discuss the lens options that are available in the child’s prescription and help the family decide the best option for their child.

Routine Maintenance

Once a child begins wearing contact lenses, it will be necessary to have the child and his/her contacts checked by our contact lens specialist at least every 2 years. As a child grows, physiological changes may require changes in the lens fit and/or materials. When contacts are not worn and cared for properly, infection can occur. It is important to maintain regular follow up care to make sure good habits remain in place and that the child is wearing the safest, most up to date products. It is a $50 appointment that can be set up on the same day as the annual eye exam with the physician. This appointment is required to keep the contact lens prescription valid with our office.

How to Get More Lenses

We offer many options for reordering lenses.

We have a web store. Call and give us your email address and we will send you the link. Using our web store allows you to do all of your reordering, from anywhere, anytime that is convenient for you.

When you call our office to reorder your contacts, we offer the option to pay over the phone with a credit card and have them sent directly to you or you can pick them up at the office when they are ready.

We keep our prices competitive with on-line ordering so that we can provide a high level of medical care for all of our contact lens patients and their family.

We are confident our customer service is superior and it is our pleasure to take care of all of your Contact Lens needs. We believe contacts have a positive impact on children and we work to make it a pleasant experience for you and your family.